lighting operators, 3d visualization, mediaservers & content

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Driven by our passion for excellence, we intend to actively support lighting designers, production companies, artists, producers, etc. in creating awesome shows.


We are a group of talented and motivated freelancers in Austria. This team was set up because of the market’s need for operators with a good eye for the overall picture.

Even if we mostly work with them in close cooperation, WE ARE NOT a rental or production company.

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Matthias Schöffmann


Freelancer at

Thomas Dobberstein



Thomas Kloibhofer


Freelancer & employed at Design Center Linz

Philipp Schwarz

Associate Technical Planner & Systech

Freelancer at

Sascha Plagge

Associate Creative & Visual Artist

Freelancer at

Besides creative skills, the technical knowledge also is very important for the smooth operation of any show.

It’s not enough to be familiar with the used hard- and software. The fact that more and more show related tools are based on IT and networking technologies calls for up-to-date technology experts.

That’s why we love our job!

lighting operators

programming & design
(grandMA, HOG)
light operating
(grandMA, HOG)
show control, automation
(MIDI, timecode, macros, ...)

3d visualization & studio

3d planning, design
(WYSIWYG, VectorWorks)
3d visualization
(WYSIWYG, Depence2)
(fully featured 3D studio)

mediaservers & content

mediaserver operating
(Coolux Pandoras Box)
content creation
(screendesign, motion gfx, ...)
sdk programming
(Coolux Widget Designer, C#, ...)


music & entertainment // television & broadcast // corporate & industrial events

Extending knowledge and experience are the most important side effects of every project.
Lots of festivals, concerts, tv/broadcast shows & corporate events are still extending our experience.
You can ask us for a detailed list of references...

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We’re located in Austria. More precisely: Linz and Vienna.


Since we’re a group of freelancers, you can also contact us individually.
Check out our Team.